• CRM-300


E&R CRM-300 Plasma Cleaning Machine

CRM-300 is a fully automatic, two-chamber, plasma processing system for the single-wafer applications.

  • Applications

    • Epoxy Molding Compound(EMC) thinning

    • Residue removal of Epoxy Molding Compound(EMC) after molding, plasma deflash

    • Residue removal of Epoxy Molding Compound(EMC) after laser drilling, plasma desmear

    • Photoresist removal and descum in bumping process

    • Sacrificial layer removal , i.e.  Photoresist, polyimide, Silicon oxide, PMMA and so on.

    • Wafer backside stress relief

    • Through Silicon Via(TSV) exposing(active side attached on back-grinding tape)

  • Features

    • Microwave plasma source, providing isotroptic etching.

    • Temperature controllable chuck is optional available, ranging from RT to 250 °C.

    • Cooling chuck is optional available to prevent the back-grinding tape from damage.

    • Spin processor is optional available for post-cleaning.

    • System can be configured for 8” or 12” wafers using open cassette as well as FOUP or SMIF load-ports.

    • Hydrogen generator is optionally available as a point-of-use gas supply. 

    • Automation, SECS/GEM, is available as an option.