Thin wafer dicing​

Dicing the thin wafer, below 100um thickness, is always challenging to the diamond blade. The associated defects, Include chipping, crack, peeling, metal burr and so on. Thanks to the non-contact machining, laser dicing can get the uncompromised quality at the high feed rate. When the wafer gets thinner and thinner, cutting speed of laser is faster and faster.


Top view, kerf




Sidewall, X-direction


Sidewall, Y-direction

Thanks to the unique laser & optic technologies, E&R’s laser system can cut a variety of material layers, i.e. copper, aluminum, low-k, silicon oxide, silicon nitride and silicon, through the simple set-up of recipe which enhances the production yield. Compared to the solution of Dicing Before Grinding(DBG), laser dicing is an cost effective solution.