• 微波清洗设备 MW-600

微波清洗设备 MW-600

E&R MW-600

MW-600 is a fully automatic in-line plasma processing system for IC assembly applications. With the working area up to 600 x 600mm, it is optimized for processing the large panel like fan-out panel or FPCB/PCB sheet.

  • Applications

    • Surface cleaning and activation prior to epoxy molding

    • Surface cleaning and activation prior to lamination of the insulation film 

    • Thinning the polymer film, e.g.  ABF, PI, etc.

    • Residue removal of photoresist or polymer 

  • Features

    • Microwave power supply generates high density plasma species to enhance the processing speed.

    • Electrode-free plasma source to eliminate the risk of electrostatic damage(ESD).

    • Pulse mode operation can reduce the processing temperature.

    • Loading/unloading modules selectable to accommodate AGV, conveyor or robot transfer system

    • Automation, SECS/GEM, is available as an option.