• MW-960M




    • High density of neutral atomic oxygen relative to ions.
    • Rack for magnetic field designed.
      High efficiency, uniformity microwave power delivery.
      High ash rate (4~7 um/min).

 Microwave Plasma

    • No UV exposure

    • ECR Plasma produce around magazines to increase clean ability
    • Cool plasma before reaching the product


    • Wire bond
    • Mold
    • Flip Chip Underfill

MW-960 Microwave Plasma Clean (Batch)

MW-960 is a versatile plasma processing system for IC assembly applications. Either slotted or slot-less magazines can be performed for various processes

• Applications

    • Surface cleaning and activation prior to epoxy molding
    • Surface cleaning and activation prior to wire bonding
    • Surface cleaning and activation prior to underfill dispensing
    • Surface cleaning and activation prior to solder ball attach
    • Anti-tackiness treatment


    • Microwave power supply generates high density plasma species to enhance the processing speed
    • Electrode-free plasma source to eliminate the risk of electrostatic damage(ESD)
    • Pulse mode operation can reduce the processing temperature
    • Rotating rack enhance the process uniformity
    • Plasma species trapped at both sides of slotted magazines enhanced the high yield of underfill dispensing

Chamber Mechanism

Lead Frame 水滴角均勻性測試

  • Experimental lead frame 144 mm(L) by 60 mm(W)
  • Water drop angle values are less than 40 degree with magazine type.